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Cacao Cayapas 

It is an initiative of the Pepa de Oro association, grouping more than 150 fine/flavor cacao small family farmers, for a more direct trade with great chocolate makers around the world as we believe it will result in a better price for the Cayapas families, preservation of native forests and the guarantee of an increasing and constantly improving offer of high quality cacao beans.

  • Be part of a long lasting relation of direct trade with a local association of family farmers of the unique Ecuadorian arriba cacao.

  • Be more than a client, be a partner supporting the development of high quality standards in cocoa production and processing and the development of a vibrant territory.

  • Let´s build together trust and mutual collaboration to make from one of the best cocoa in the world, the greatest pleasure for consumers that also tastes good to the world.
About us
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