A special territory

A special territory
Cocoa and territory: Cocoa harvested by ancestral inhabitants of the Chocó biodiverse territory (Afrodescendant, chachis, montubios, mestizos)

Economic opportunities: Cocoa production is a real alternative to migration of young populations to urban settlements and to the pressure for of adopting illegal activities so prevalent at the Colombia-Ecuador border

Native forest and water conservation: Cocoa culture prevents indiscriminate logging and progression of monocultures.
green water footprint +/- 1700 mm/year
blue water footprint inexistent
grey water footprint inexistent

The unique flavor of diversity!
 Cacao trees benefit from the shadow and aromas of diverse type of frutal trees (Hobo, borojó, chontaduro, guanábana, coconut, etc.), timber species (guayacán, cedar, tangare, etc.), and edible species (plantain, yucca, etc.). [dentro de recuadro con banner de fotos abajo de las diferentes frutas o en circulo]
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